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nstruction crane was attached to the top of a building on the river thames. one said the helicopter plummeted straight into the ground. there are no official reports of casualties. also overnight two major japanese air flights have grounded their 7 887s. one jumbo jet was forced to make an emergency landing today. they're expected to fly longer distances and use less fuel than their counterparts but the aircraft has been plagued by problems starting with a three-year delay in production and today's incident certainly isn't the first commotion among the dreamliner today. ner today. the 137 passengers and crew filed out through the cabin and slid down emergency chutes to the tarmac. the jet made an emergency flight
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during a flight from western japan to tokyo international airport. the airport said a cockpit message showed problems and a burning smell was detected in the cockpit cabin. one man was treated for minor injuries but the issue was enough to ground the airlines. together they operate nearly half of the 787s delivered by boeing so far. >> when a cockpit crew decides to make an emergency landing to an airport and evacuate the passengers by chute, that tells me there's something they're very concerned about. >> it's the latest in a string of issues clouding the dreamliner. last year a battery pack caught fire. a fuel leak on a different 787 delayed a flight to dwroek and in japan three separate issues were documented including a cracked wind scene and a computer error. boeing talks up the problems to
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growing pains with the new aircraft but the faa is adding today's incident to a review of the 787 that began last week. >> but i can guarantee you that the faa, boeing and all of the carriers that own these aircraft now are working very hard and working very cooperatively to understand what is going on to get these things fixed and to make sure that they'll be flying as safe as they possibly can. >> in a statement boeing said it was aware of the emergency landing and that it's cooperating with the airline and the appropriate regulating agency. last night the house approved a $50.5 billion emergency package for the victims of superstorm vote. the measure was opposed by a majority of the republicans. the bill includes 16 billion to repair transits in new york and new jersey and for the same amount they're expected to pass it next week. later today president obama will outline his proposal for
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reducing gun violence. it including a ban on the assault weapons like the one used in the school shooting. susan mcginnis is watching it all this morning. susan, good morning. >> terrell, good morning to you. the president will make his announcement just before noon today. in addition to the ban on the assault-style military weapons but also a ban on the high-capacity magazines, the ones that can hold more than ten bullets and the ones used in the newtown school shooting are the two. it has the president looking at many ways many things he can get done without congress. gun dealers nationwide are trying to keep up with demand. clive courty say sales have doubled at his quincy illinois shop since the government started pushing for gun control. >> guns with the maeg zone in it seems to be the popular thing right now. >> the president wants to ban
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assault weapons with the high-capacity magazines like the one used in the newtown school shooting. he wants to include gun background checks and health checks. the national rifle association says it will fight the president's plan and released this ad once again pushing for armed guards in school. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? then why is he skeptical putting armed guards in the schools when his kids have armed guards at their school. >> when he makes the announcement he'll be joined by children who wrote to him. many are expected to resemble the law that no, state just passed that makes efforts to keep guns out of the handing of the mentally ill. the president wants more training for school counselors and officials. >> he believes it's a high
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priority. not just for him but for the country. >> the president can use an executive action to push through some proposals, but he will need congress to pass the most controversial measures. now, better background checks - for gun buyers seems to have the best chance of success here and has the most public support. some 40%, an estimated 40% of gun sales apparently takes place with no background checks. terrell? >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning. susan, thank you so much. to some nasty around potentially dangerous weather in theseat. they've declared a state of emergency. the storm system extends from the gulf coast to the northeast. many areas are under an ice storm warning, and tennessee and mississippi, ice-covered roads have caused several accidents. residents have been advised to avoid unnecessary travel. apparently a soon-to-be televised con investigation from lance armstrong isn't enough. in an interview with oprah
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winfrey, the disgraced cyclist admitted using performance-enhancing drugs but the justice department has turned down an offer of a $5 million restitution payment in zpanch for fraud. and a world lifetime ban. we have more on his admission. >> reporter: oprah winfrey gave "cbs this morning" some details about her much anticipated exclusive interview with lance armstrong. >> and the answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered and certainly answered -- i can onto say i was satisfied by the answer. >> reporter: arm strong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles after the anti-world doping agency found evidence that he took performance-enhancing drugs.
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>> we heard the evidence. we heard the stories from the athletes and it's supported, without question every allegation that we put in that letter that obviously now has been shown to be true. >> reporter: up until now, the psych clift strongly denied the allegations. >> we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. >> reporter: it's being described, row oprah, as an emotional interview. what does that mean? >> i would say there with one a couple of times he was emotional, but emotional doesn't describe the intensity or difficulty he experienced. >> reporter: hours before he sat down with oprah, he apologized to the livestrong charity who raises money for cancer survivors. he stepped down from the board in october after the anti-doping agency record. bonita nigher cbs news new york.
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>> several of his former teammates including tyler hamilton said armstrong used drunks. on "60 minutes" scott pelley asked him what effect drugs had on armstrong's performance. >> would there have been a lance armstrong without doping? >> doping definitely helped him. a lot of people said, okay everybody's doping so it's a level playing field, but that's not true. that's not true. doping took a lot of money, took a risk taker, took a lot of having connections, and a lot of people weren't willing to take all those risks. >> scott pelley with tyler hamilton on "60 minute sport." by the way, you can see it on the own network. check your local listings. coming up on this wednesday, a runaway train. train slams into an apartment building, and you will not"cbs morning news." driving it.
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in sweden a stolen train -- a stolen train. i said it -- taken on a joy ride leads to disaster. the stolen train went straight into an apartment building after plowing through barriers at the end of the track. the empty train was taken by the alleged woman hired to clean it. the five people sleeping inside weren't hurt. of all things that you would steal a train, i don't understand. the tracks have to end somewhere. "cbs moneywatch" time on this wednesday. a u.s. downgrade threat and working out the victoria's secret way. ashley morrison here in new york with that and more. ash, good morning. and good morning to you, terrell. well, the united states could be on the verge of another credit rating downgrainge. rating firm fitch warns that the united states could lose its top credit ceiling if the debt ceiling is not raised. timothy geithner has warned congress they'll reach that limit as early as next month. asian markets plummetled
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ahead of key economic data. it plummeted more than 2.5% while hong kong's hang sang lost a fraction. stocks ended mixed on wall street over the uncertainty of the nation's debt limit. the dow finished the day up more than 27 points while the nasdaq fell nearly 7 points. shoppers spent more this holiday season than last but not as much as experts predicted. sales rose 3%, falling short of the national retail federation's forecast of 4.1%. many stores heavily marked down merchandise in the final shopping days to lure in shoppers who held back on spending. still, retailers hauled $580 million in november and december. walmart says it will buy u.s.-made goods over the next decade. the retail giant is also pledging to offer a job to any honorably discharged american veteran within a year of active duty. walmart expects to hire a
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thousand veterans in the next five years. >> and victoria's secret showed off its newest editions to its sports collection in new york city. victory's secret models -- there i am. i look good there. i wear it well. wore the new item at its store in herald square yesterday. the company says the new styles and colors from the sport collection are aimed at helping women feel good while they're exercising. and thank you for humoring me. that's how it is in my head, at least. >> we were all wondering where you were yerksd ashley. >> i had a busy day. >> you had a lot going on. >> in my dreams. >> ashley morrison here in new york. ashley, appreciate it. coming up next, your wednesday morning weather, and boiling point. an alarming look at the dangers of global warming heating up our oceans. in some foods can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down, and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel because it helps to strengthen the enamel. and i believe it's doing a good job.
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here's a look at theeath here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in new york, rain and snow, 40 degrees. miami, sunny, 82. sunny in chicago, 36 degrees. partly sunny in dallas and 50 degrees. sunny in l.a., 68 degrees. let's check your national forecast. freezing rain is falling this morning across the lower mississippi and tennessee valleys. the northern mid-atlantic and southern new england will see 1 to 3 inches of snow, maybe up to 6. heavy rain and upon flooding strikes the southeast with some areas getting 2 inches or more. some snow in the midwest will leave light accumulations while much of the west stays dry. the earth is getting warmer
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according to two new government reports, and the effects of climate change will be felt by marine life and coastal communities. bigad shaban reports on the danger to sea creatures and low-lying grounds. >> reporter: at the aquarium of the pacific in long beach, california, marine biologist perry hampton has 12,000 creatures to worry about, but his list of concerns just got longer after two new government reports show temperatures are heating up around the world. nasa says 2012 was the ninth warmest year on record. for the continental u.s. it was the hottest, according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. climate change can have a variety of impacts on the marine environment, nearly all of which can be perceived as bad. >> reporter: hampton says because of an increase in carbon dioxide, warmer temperatures can make the oceans more acidic which can harm marine life. animals like crabs including horseshoe crabs can be especially vulnerable because the increased acidity can eat away at their shells leaving them less protected.
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>> it's going to affect the availability of various types of seafood, which, of course, impacts the economy on a very large scale in our area. >> reporter: does that continue to concern you? >> oh, absolutely. yeah. i think the effects we're seeing now are just the beginning. >> reporter: there are also worries over rising sea levels. in nearby huntington beach, the tide now comes up farther inland. >> along the california southern coast we've experienced an eight-inch rise in sea level already. it's nothing we can continue to deny. >> reporter: the u.s. government predicts sea levels will rise between 1 and 4 feet by the next century. bigad shaban, cbs news, long beach, california. when we come back on this wednesday, lifting spirits with a song. students from sandy hook elementary school gather for a special recording. ( birds chirping )
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everything's better with a great cup of coffee. exceptionally smooth and perfectly balanced for a harmonious blend of flavor, body and aroma. green mountain coffee for your keurig brewer. brew a better day. crashes into a crane during the morning rush hour. what witnesses saw moments before the accident.
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plus: the dream has turned into a nightmare. the latest 7-8-7 mishap... that's created havoc for bay area travelers. and rowdy reaction. oakland city leaders meet to discuss a surge in violence. why the plan to hire a consultant is meeting stiff resistance. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's wednesday
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., 46. atlanta, partly sunny, 62. st. louis, sunny, 40. denver, sunny, 49 degrees. morning fog in seattle, 43 degrees. a 5-year-old philadelphia girl abducted from school is back home this morning. on monday a woman wearing muslim-style clothing and posing as the girl's mother walked into the girl's classroom and took her. yesterday a passer-by passed her huddled and shivering, wearing a t-shirt. >> when i was walking past the playground i heard a scream saying help, help. when i heard it when i was going down, i seen, you know, the little girl underneath the slide. she only had a t-shirt on and it was wet. she didn't have nothing else on. she was bare-footed, she was cold, she was shivering. >> the man will receive a $10,000 award. the police are still searching for the suspect.
4:21 am
a bizarre discovery at a chicago o'hare airport. screeners found 18 human heads packed in luggage. probably not what you think though. the skulls came from rome and are intended for medical research. u.s. customs agents discovered the 18 skulls while ex-raying luggage. they're being held because of improper paperwork. here in new york one piece of the spire was installed. it was installed on the 104th skyscraper using two large cranes yesterday. once all the pieces are put in place, the building will be the tallest in the western hemisphere at 1,776 feet. a month after the sandy hook elementary school shooting students from the school records a song for charity. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow ♪ >> their version of "over the rainbow" went on sale yesterday. it will benefit united way of western connecticut and the newtown youth academy. i'm terrell brown in new york. this is the "cbs morning news." this is "cbs morning news."
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childhood obesity remains an epidemic in this country. now a program in south carolina is taking a new approach to reversing that trend. as seth doane reports, it's giving young people the tools for a healthier lifestyle. >> the doctor told me when i was 7 and when i was 8, i wouldn't live past 21 and when i was 9 it just kind of hit me smack in the face oh i'm going to die. >> reporter: cameron larkins had reached 260 pounds by age 10. >> i would eat oversized portions. i would just eat and eat just because the food's there. and i mean just really, really unhealthy habits. >> reporter: larkins is now 12. he's the youngest of 15 students from his independence missouri school system who spent the last four months in south carolia at this $28,000-a-semester weight loss program called mindstream
4:25 am
academy. the day starts with a two-mile job followed by a healthy breakfast and nutrition classes where students learn portion control and healthier eating habits i just kind of want to motivate you a little bit. >> reporter: teachers check in remotely to keep students on track with their studies. in counseling sessions, teens share frustrations and feelings about their progress. and horseback riding is used to build confidence. >> there you go. >> reporter: why can't these lessons be learned closer to home, be learned without a price tag of $28,000 a semester? >> without an immersive program where you actually have an opportunity to begin to change the way a young person thinks, it would just be putting a band-aid on it. >> reporter: ray travaglione founded mindstream. >> if they go home and they don't get the support that they need, they should be smart enough with what they've learned here and realize how hard it was for them to get to this really good place that they never want to go back again.
4:26 am
>> reporter: students are accepted regardless of their financial situation. the independence public school system pays $5,000 per student. the balance of the camp's tuition is made up through fund-raising and family contributions. of the 34 teens who graduated from mindstream 90% have maintained their weight loss. cameron larkins returned home to independence just before christmas 50 pounds lighter. what do you think would have happened if you hadn't come here? >> i think i would have eaten and not changed my habits and they would have gotten worse and about possibly eaten myself to death. >> reporter: his toughest test lies ahead, returning to his old school, trying to resist old habits. seth doane, cbs news, blocton, south carolina. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the latest problems plaguing boeing 787 jets, forcing them to be grounded in japan.
4:27 am
we'll look at the investigation. plus former governor mark sanford's bid to return to politics. and fortune's magazine list of companies to work for. for now that is the news on this wednesday morning. as always, i appreciate you watching. i'm terrell brown in new york. take care, everybody. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everyone. good morning. it's wednesday. i think we're all ready. february 16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 4:30. of course, we're ready! we have our coffee this morning. >> and coffee is a wonderful thing. >> one of the first things we check on, is the coffeemaker working today! you need it today and, of course, some hot chocolate, too.
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very chilly temperatures. looks like much warmer temperatures are on the way. >> that is it? >> that is it! >> time to talk about traffic! out the door we have a lot of overnight roadwork out there including stretches of 880 southbound between 980 and 16th avenue. we also have a full freeway closure in the east bay. we'll talk much more about that and mass transit coming up. >> thank you. at least two people are dead after a helicopter crashed into a crane in england today. cbs news's rita nissan reports it happened in crowded central london during this morning's commute. reporter: the wreckage from a helicopter crash created a line of flames down a london street. authorities say two people were killed when the commercial helicopter hit a construction crane on top of a 50 story building. >> see the helicopter come over hit the top of the crane. the helicopter came crashing down. the cab came crashing down in the road. >> reporter: authorities say the pilot and a person on the ground died when

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